I haven’t been this excited about a new program from Beachbody in a LOOOOONG time.

If you’ve done Beachbody programs in the past, you know they’re effective and innovative, but you also know they can get redundant and – dare I say it – boring – when you do the same workouts over and over again throughout the length of the program.

80 Day Obsession takes are of all of that! It’s literally 80 different workouts. No repeats of jokes or pep talks! Some of the moves will stay the same, but they will be tweaked and progressed as you move through the program, so you literally never do the same workout twice. YES!


Here’s a bit more about what to expect:

  • This program works your entire body but there are days specifically designed to work your butt, your legs, your core, arms and cardio.  Each workout is different and in January 2018 when the program is released, you will be doing the workouts in real time.  Just from doing 5 preview workouts, I could really feel it, and I’ve seen some amazing transformation photos (see some for yourself here).  If you have weight to lose you are going to shed lbs, build lean muscle and you are going to tone your entire body.
  • There are 3 phases of workouts over the course of 13 weeks. In total there are 97 days of workouts because you get Sundays off as a rest day.
  • The workouts range from 45-60 minutes, and as always, there is a modifier.
  • Autumn introduces timed nutrition, which is a macro-nutrient plan that is timed to produce amazing results.

Already know you’re interested? Scroll down and complete the application form below.

Otherwise…read on for more info…

Who is the 80 Day Obsession for?

This program is for anyone who wants to literally get strict with their nutrition and see how far they can go with results!! You do need to have a base level of fitness.  If you have more than 40 pounds to lose or are a beginner in fitness, we may want to start you with another program and then transition into this one.

This program is good for:

-Those that want a leaner, firmer, more sculpted body

-Women looking to add some curves without bulking up

-Anyone who wants a tighter, more defined booty and flatter abs

-Fitness fans looking for an intense, holistic workout that they can do at home

I’m Interested – what Next?

My 80 Day Obsession Challenge Group will be starting workouts on January 15th. I’m going to help you out with the timed nutrition, designing meal plans, sticking with your workouts, troubleshooting, and focusing on YOURSELF!

Fill out the application at the bottom of this post to be added to the Beta Test “Holding” Group on Facebook where you’ll learn all about the options for packages with this program…and if you already have Beachbody on Demand and Shakeology, you’re almost ready!

The program does not officially become available in the Beachbody On Demand Library until January 15th, but you will be able to purchase your package starting on December 14th. You will have access on January 8th to the nutrition plan (timed nutrition).  If you have been with Beachbody for awhile, you know that you can get some programs on DVD. The 80 Day Obsession will NOT launch on DVD and will only be available to stream with Beachbody on Demand.

Reserve Your Spot In My Beta 80 Day Obsession Group TODAY!

If you are ready to reserve your spot in my very first 80 Day Obsession group – complete the application below to apply.

In this group each participant MUST commit to:

-Showing up daily and participating in the group.

-Following the timed nutrition plan for your body type and goals.

-Replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the group.

  • **highly recommended but optional is the Performance line supplements.

– I must be your assigned coach.

This is a BETA TEST GROUP which means you will be the FIRST to go through the program!  You have the opportunity to win $500 for completing the program and submitting your results plus you have the opportunity to become a Beachbody Challenge Winner and earn additional money for your transformation.  I am looking for people that are seriously committed to rocking this program and your results.  We will START on the 8th of January with our prep week and then on the 15th of January with day 1.



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