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OK. ¬†Back to the topic at hand. ¬†What is a Challenge Group? ¬†The simple explanation is that it is a private support and accountability group housed on an app called the “Challenge Tracker App”. ¬†I create a group based around a certain Beachbody program, a specific start date, or some other common theme, and add people to the group who want to be part of a supportive community of like-minded people.

What does being in a Challenge Group mean for you, the participant? It means that you agree to some basic requirements.

First, you agree to check in more days than not throughout the length of the group (preferably every day, but sometimes life happens). ¬†Some groups are as short as 5 days…some are up to 90 days and beyond. When you check in, you share what workout you did and/or how you did with your eating and/or if you drank your Shakeology, etc.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE it when people post pictures in Challenge Groups.  While others may make fun of you for posting sweaty post-workout pictures or those shots you take of every meal you eat, your fellow Challenge Group members want to see them.  All of them.

You agree to generally keep things positive and motivating, but you are encouraged¬†to share your struggles and frustrations so that we can help. ¬†There will be days when you need the group…and some days someone else in the group will need you. The groups are either closed or private so you are in a safe place with people who understand and care.

You agree to ask for help when you need it and offer to help when you can.

Finally, you agree to track your progress with before/after pictures and measurements (which you can submit to Beachbody for a free t-shirt and some possible cash!)



So now you may be wondering what I, your coach, does as part of a Challenge Group.  Well, I, too, agree to some basics.

First, I will post my own workouts, shakes, and other posts designed to provide motivation, information, and/or inspiration to the group.

I will check in at least once or twice a day to see your posts, add comments, and answer your questions.

I will call you out when you go missing for a while (in a tough-love sort of way!)

I will appreciate you when you are there for other members of the group.

Here’s a video that may help clear up any remaining questions you have about the Beachbody Challenge and/or Challenge Groups.

Contact me¬†and we’ll figure out what Challenge Group is right for you!

Please comment below with what appeals to you most about the Challenge Group concept. ¬†If you’ve participated in one, what was your favorite part?

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